Trend-Setters Consulting, Inc.
Who we are and what makes us different...

It is easy to find organizations that provide some of the services that TSCi's clients have enjoyed. However, there are key differences that set TSCi apart from other organizations.


In the 1980s, many organizations began to provide unique, niche services to their clients. This created a number of problems for these client companies.

The biggest issue was the fact that an individual client had to depend on numerous vendors to complete even a mildly complex project. If any of the items during the project cycle were faced with a problem, the vendors involved occasionally placed blame on one another, leaving the client with the mounting costs and delays in the project's implementation.

TSCi on the other hand, has continued to offer its clients "one-stop-shopping" for all their computing, telecommunications, and human resources needs. In cases where subcontractors are used, TSCi remains the single point of contact for all vendor activities.